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2009 Entered the consumer business as Redhorse Group.
In August of the same year, acquired the majority stake of Traveler Holdings, a company which operated catalog travel souvenir business, and made it a subsidiary (acquired management rights)
2012 – February Redhorse Corporation (currently named Redhorse Group Co. Ltd) made a wholly owned subsidiary through TOB (delisted from JASDAQ)
2014 – June Started hometown tax business by providing outsourcing support service to local governments and suppliers
2014 – October Started Wellness Business as reventive medicine
2015 – August Established the largest ferris wheel “Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL” in Japnan in EXPOCITY, Osaka
2016 – January Redhorse Corporation (currently named Redhorse Group Co. Ltd) was listed on the Taipei Exchange (Stock number: 2928)
2016 – February Wellness Business:
“Asparagus and rutin” has acquired Healthy Do (Hokkaido Nutrition Labeling Policy)
2016 – April The important Japanese subsidiary changed its trade name to Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd. for the purpose of group branding as Redhorse Group
2016 – April Japan head office relocated to Koto-ku, Tokyo
2017 – June Acquired operation license of Tourism (Tokyo registered tourism No. 3-7385)
2019 – January Launched “Furusato360”, the unified management platform of hometown tax return gift
2019 – May Started Disaster Prevention Solution Business (sales of “storage battery”)
2019 – December In order to support local producers and achieve new regional revitalization, the Direct from the Source D2C Business “OWL” was launched
2019 – December Wellness Business:
“Asparagus and rutin” acquired nutrition labeling and started to sell new version “Suiminight”
2020 – March REDEE, Japan’s largest dedicated esports facility in EXPOCITY, Osaka, opened as an educational place where children can learn communication and technology knowledge through games
2020 – March Spun off the department of store operation business and established a new subsidiary, Redhorse Plus Co., Ltd.
2020 – April Accumulating professional knowledge of communucation business and looking forward to 5G generation, entered communication business
2020 – June Changed from Company with Supervisor to Company with Nomination Committees, etc.
2020 – October Acquired 69.6% of issued shares of Tokyo Creative Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.