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Message from the President

Thank you for your continued support.

Our management philosophy is “To operate for the prosperity of customers and the development of the company’s business”. We have been continually developing and growing, and our target is to provide more value to our customers’ companies. In order to achieve the sustainable growth and development of the Company, under the situation of the rapid globalization, we have been considering what we can contribute to the society.

n recent years, due to the influence of the change of social conditions and economic environment, and customer values have been diversifying gradually.
Besides, the trend of global recession is becoming stronger. In Japan, the uncertainty of corporate performance is also increasing. In addition to the COVID-19 crunch, this situation is deteriorating.

In the current situation, our mission is to discover new value and contribute to the society, which is so called “Creativity group”; “Connecting people and creating happiness.” The mission of Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd. is to provide happiness to all customers.

In the future, although after experiencing COVID-19 crunch, the surrounding environment might not return to the past, we will do out best for our customers based on our mission and management philosophy; furthermore, Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd. will continually challenge and grow, so as to become a company that employees and their families are proud of.

We look forward to your continuing support and encouragement in the future.

June 2020

Representative Corporate Officer PresidentRepresentative Corporate Officer President 宮本隆温