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Corporate Philosophy


We have been in business for many years as a souvenir delivery service company. We began at a time when travel was not as accessible as it is now, and we could bring the happiness of traveling to people through souvenirs.

However, as travel has become more commonplace, our landscape has changed, and we have evolved. While staying true to our original purpose of bringing the happiness of traveling to people, we will continue striving to bring smiles to the faces of many by developing a variety of services to enrich people’s lives.

To meet the needs and challenges of varied environments, and to connect with the thoughts and feelings of all people, we will continue to provide new value that only our company can create.



Company Value Begins with the People Around Us

The people around us are the source of our inspiration and spark our imaginations. From our customers and business partners to our employees and their families—past, present and future.

By connecting with the thoughts and feelings of those around us, we have fostered an original culture enabling us to provide new and original value to our stakeholders.


Wielding the Dual Power of Imagination and Creation

We utilize imagination and creativity to uncover solutions for a range of unrealized hidden demands. We aim to provide options for realizing a safe, secure, and fulfilling life.


Together with Our Customers

All at Red Horse Corporation share a fundamental philosophy that puts customers at the center of our thoughts and actions. We place great importance on our employees and their families, our customers, and all of our shareholders, forging a sense of togetherness and sharing our thoughts and feelings.


  1. Trust and Respect for Individuals

    We are a team that works toward our collective goals while trusting each other and recognizing and accepting each person’s individuality, values, and differences.

  2. Deep Understanding and Comprehension

    We place high value on the ability to deeply understand others and consider their happiness. It is important to connect to others by clearly understanding the differences that exist amongst us, including feelings, position, and environment.

  3. A Team of Professionals

    Each of us plays a leading role in our own story, and we must take responsibility and pride in our work as we continue our efforts. As professionals, we must answer the question of how to make our own stories interesting.

  4. Confirmation the Key to Genuine Happiness

    Our target audience is our top priority. Utilizing logic and critical thinking, we uncover what makes our customers smile, and we continue to verify and confirm that we are providing a genuine sense of happiness.

  5. Agility and Capitilizing on Opportunities

    We use analysis and speed to capitalize on every chance. We identify opportunities by asking ourselves what we can do “now” and conduct daily hypothesis testing speedily and with intent.

2021 Slogan

Push the Boundaries

During Fiscal Year 2021, the Redhorse Group will undergo a paradigm shift, a major change to take on the challenges of eliminating anxiety, uncertainty, and all other inconveniences.

With an eye on the future, the Redhorse Group will work on CX (Corporate Transformation), DX (Digital Transformation), diversity, and other structural reforms as we push the boundaries to meet and surpass expectations.