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Privacy Policy


Established April 1st, 2005
29 March, 2019
Redhorse Corporation
Representative Corporate Officer President Takaharu Miyamoto

Redhorse Corporation is fully aware of its social mission regarding the protection of all of the personal information that we handle in the course of providing our business of mail order sales for both foreign and domestic souvenirs as well as travel goods, and shall comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information. We hereby declare that we shall establish a personal information management system to embody the policies set out below, and commit as a company to its continued improvement, always taking into account the newest developments in IT technology, changes in societal demands, and changes to the business environment.

The acquisition, use and provision of personal information shall be limited to the scope necessary for the company’s legitimate business operations, being the business of mail order sales for both foreign and domestic souvenirs as well as travel goods, in addition to the scope necessary for the employment and employment management of our employees, and we shall not handle personal information in a manner that exceeds the scope necessary to achieve a specific purpose of use. We shall comply with laws and regulations, guidelines set by the government, and other standards regarding personal information. We shall inject the management resources that meet the actual circumstances of the business in order to take reasonable safety measures to prevent against risks such as the leakage, loss, and damage to personal information, and shall continuously improve our personal information security systems. We shall address promptly, conscientiously, and appropriately any complaints and inquiries regarding our handling of personal information. We shall review our personal information protection management system from time to time and as appropriate in light of changes to our company’s environment, and promote its continuous improvement.

These policies shall be distributed to all of our employees so that they are aware of their content, and made available to everyone at any time through publication on our company website and brochures.