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OWL provides support to direct trading
between suppliers and restaurants (buyers) without passing markets.
It is a farmers market where fresh and safe ingredients can be purchased and sold online.

We have witnessed that local residents and companies fall into difficult situation due to natural disasters.
In addition to feeling helpless, we deeply experienced the importance of disaster prevention.
In order to concretize this thought, we apply the network among local parties and companies that we established so far, and start to carry out disaster prevention business.
From now on, we will make all-out effort to contribute to regional development.

Our wellness business was set up to respond to
the growing demands of health-conscious consumers.

The Largest Game/esports Facility “REDEE” is a facility where children can acquire wide knowledge and skill through experiencing games.
Science skill and knowledge can be nurtured by communicating with game related people and people from various fields.

Making maximal use of the network established by our core business which is travel industry, entering Wi-Fi rental market,
accumulating experiences and skills of communication business and seeking for more business opportunities in the 5G era.

We provide various One-stop services such as taking care of a return gift manufactures,
post the items with some web portal, help desk for donors, order management, and stock control.

EC services that deliver ordered gifts and goods with travel senses from all over Japan and around the world are provided. Gift Land, “encountering”, “tasting”, “supporting” local specialty products and travel memories. Traveler Store, a unique product sales website that uses non-daily “trips” to heal daily life. Encounters and products that can only be found here are surely found.

Focusing on “travel”, an example of Japanese gift exchange culture, we have conducted business offering services in mail order souvenirs for decades.
We have spent over 50 years greatly promoting much loved products in the gift market through building up domestic and international souvenirs, counter service at events, and home delivery services.

The operation of Guest house and Hostel provide accommodation to not only domestic travelers but also foreign travelers.
Especially, we operate Workman house for the related personnel in construction sites.
We are the professional accommodation operators and can satisfy various needs.


Direct from the Source D2C Business


Wellness Business


Edutainment Business


Regional industry support and revitalization business


E-commerce Business


E-commerce Business


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Consumer Business


Communication Business

ギフトランド おとりよせ

Gifts Business


Accommodation Operation Business


Accommodation Operation Business