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Edutainment Business

“REDEE” is a facility where children can acquire wide knowledge and skill through experiencing games. Science skill and knowledge can be nurtured by communicating with game related people and people from various fields. Etymologically, it is consisted by Ready, Redhorse, Education and esports.


The Largest Game/esports Facility “REDEE” Opened in EXPOCITY on March 1, 2020

The LOGO of “REDEE” is made up of game blocks. “Building” small blocks is similar to “learning”. There is a “Fluctuation” part in the LOGO. The “Fluctuation” of uncertain future not only leads to instability and anxiety, but also inspires creativity and vitality in order to exist. “REDEE” is a place of “learning” to survive in the uncertain future, and also is a place of “Ready”.