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Inbound business (Group company: Tokyo Creative Co., Ltd.)

For inbound visitors to Japan
Promotion practice for more than 100 companies

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  • jnto
  • dentsu
  • 大分
  • 都営交通
  • 大阪観光局
  • voyagin
  • magical trip
  • JR
  • opt
  • JTBコミュニケーションデザイン
  • Kyodo PR
  • D2CX
  • vector
  • 茨城県
  • 杉並区
  • 新潟
  • 兵庫
  • 調布
  • 隠岐ユネスコ世界ジオパーク
  • ぶんご大野
  • 杏林大学
  • 神戸
  • yout
  • 西伊豆町

Challenges for attracting inbound tourists to Japan
for local governments and companies

Don’t know where to start

Feeling troubled that there is no knowledgeable person in the department

Inbound customer attraction measures do not deliver results

Three features of Tokyo Creative
solves the problem of attracting
inbound visitors to Japan

訪日インバウンドの集客課題を解決するTokyo Creative【特徴1】
Feature 1

Japan’s largest! Reach out to 17 million foreigners who like Japan

Tokyo Creative has a network of foreign influencers living in Japan and has more than 17 million followers. Utilizing this influence, we will convey the goodness of the local areas and service to our fans. We sign contract directly with influencers and can implement cost-effective measures.

訪日インバウンドの集客課題を解決するTokyo Creative【特徴2】
Feature 2

Planning and creating content
from the perspectives of foreigners

Half of our company is made up of foreign staff, and it is possible to design communication and distribute information that will lead to results from the perspective of the foreigner who is the user.

訪日インバウンドの集客課題を解決するTokyo Creative【特徴3】
Feature 3

Actual performances in attracting inbound customers from over 100 companies

We have helped more than 100 companies to attract inbound visitors to Japan. By utilizing this know-how, we are able to support local governments and companies in attracting inbound visitors to Japan with successful results.

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