We put ourselves in your shoes
to imagine and create new value.

Developing business from diverse
perspectives for regional revitalization

Redhorse Corporation provides
comprehensive solutions to
various local and regional issues

Redhorse Corporation is a multifaceted business with a “regional revitalization” theme.
Our solidly established organization has focused on Hometown Tax (Furusato Nozei) Donation Program support since 2014. We have also explored new areas of business, developed new markets and gained numerous users by employing ICT, the internet, social media and other platforms. In our efforts to create new value, we will continue to take on various business challenges.

Business activities

01 Regional revitalization business

We have contracts with around 250 local governments in Japan

Since entering the Hometown Tax (Furusato Nozei) Donation Program as a support business for local governments and businesses in 2014, we have steadily increased the number of contracts to around 250 local governments, which is around 15% of the local governments in Japan.
By working together with local governments and businesses, we have come to recognize the various challenges that citizens face and believe extensive collaboration is necessary to bring out the strengths of all parties when renovating and revitalizing communities.
Based on this recognition and our Imagination & Creation philosophy, we are striving every day to resolve various local issues and create new value. At the same time, we are developing various services and products inspired by collaboration with local communities and regional governments.

What is the Hometown Tax (Furusato Nozei) Donation Program?

The Hometown Tax (Furusato Nozei) Donation Program lets taxpayers support a municipality in Japan other than the one they reside in by making a donation to that municipality. They can choose whatever municipality they like, such as their hometown, where their relatives live, or an area they enjoyed traveling in.
Those who make a donation through the program receive a "reciprocal gift" from the municipality they donate to. A variety of items can usually be chosen from, including quality meats and seafood, alcoholic beverages, fashion goods, daily items and tickets for activities.
Donations collected through the program become financial resources for selected municipalities. The money is used for future childcare support, education, revitalization of the tourism industry and enhancement of medical care and welfare.

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02 D2C business

OWL directly connects producers
and consumers

Our OWL online market directly connects producers of agricultural and seafood goods with consumers for online purchase and direct delivery. By creating a system that lets producers freely determine the volume and price of products they want to sell, we hope to realize our vision of "self-reliant regional revitalization" that helps local producers and industries deliver high-quality products to consumers.
Since farmers and fishermen ship and deliver freshly gathered ingredients themselves to customers, they can communicate their thoughts and commitment directly from the field nationwide. We will eventually expand their reach through OWL beyond Japan to markets overseas.

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03 Inbound business

Conveying Japan’s many attractions
to the world

We plan, strategize and implement measures using videos created from the perspectives of both Japanese and foreigners to support the tourism strategies of local governments and DMOs.
For example, a video we planned and supervised promoting Fukushima City received the Encouragement Award from the Local Government Category of Cool Japan Movie Contest 2021. Another promotion video we created, encouraging foreigners to visit the 48 falls of Akame, Mie Prefecture, has been played over 300,000 times.
Using the know-how we gained by supporting over 100 local governments and companies, as well as a community of around 17 million Japan-loving foreigners linked to foreign influencers in Japan, we provide support that leads to results.

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Diverse workstyles

By making full use of electronics and telework, we are striving for workstyle reform in anticipation of a new era of e-work and greater diversification.

Diversity & inclusion

We are creating an environment where everyone can work flexibly even during life stage changes such as weddings, childbirth, childcare and nursing care.

Innovation promotion

We continue looking for ways to brighten the future in our rapidly changing world.
Based on our corporate philosophy, we will carry on management strategies that take the environment, society and people's views into account while promoting innovation.

SDG activities

The SDGs and regional revitalization are linked by issues such as declining birthrates, aging populations, declining rural populations and shrinking economies.
It is said that there is "No future for Japan without regional revitalization".
Through our ties with local governments all over Japan, cultivated in the Hometown Tax (Furusato Nozei) Donation Program, we support the realization of "sustainable community development that leaves no one behind".

Corporate profile

Company name Redhorse Corporation
Head office address
and telephone number
Kokugikan Front Building, 2nd Floor, 1-10-5 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0015, Japan
TEL: +81-570-003155
Establishment March 1, 1964
Capital 100 million yen
Number of employees 324*
*Includes full-time employees, temporary employees and contract employees (as of April 2023)
Representative Kensuke Yamada,President and Representative Executive Officer